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Idriss Saiah, Ph.D.

President and Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Idriss Saiah joined Immuni T in 2016 as Senior Research Scientist and brought with him 20 years of experience working in academia. In 2020, he was promoted to President and Chief Scientific Officer (CSO).

Prior to Immuni T Dr. Saiah was working at Gasteroentrology division of Ste-Justine hospital for almost 20 years.

Dr. Saiah’s research interests included basic and clinical aspects of immuno-oncology, autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. He has also experience in analysis of clinical data in correlation with genetic profiles and in experimental autoimmunity including human auto antibodies and the production and analysis of transgenic mouse models for understanding the pathogenic mechanisms of immune tolerance and autoimmunity.

Dr. Saiah earned his Ph.D. in Immunology from Paris IV University. He was FRM post-doctoral fellow at INSERM U25 (Necker hospital, Paris) and Ste-Justine and his works on the immune system were at the forefront for the development of new strategies in immune therapies including vaccines.

Dr. Saiah has published several articles and book chapters in prestigious journals and he was on numerous scientific review panels.

+1(514) 545 3097 ext 106

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