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CEO's message

Immuni T inception was not fortuitous ! After a PhD training in experimental medicine at McGill University and several years of research in academic settings, I was lucky enough to be able to migrate to the private sector where I first acted as CSO of a biotech company developing new compounds for cancer treatments. After successful discovery and clinical studies with new molecules finally developed di-bromo rhhodamine 123 as an exvivo anti cancer treatment. A few patents later I decided to use my experimental readiness and acuity at the service of many through a new CRO : thus Immuni T was born in the late 90’s. Since then we never looked back and our efforts at providing support to biotherapeutics developers have concentrated on providing primary human cell experimental settings for results that are meaningful and that reduce at the maximum the possibility of failure down the line in clinical phase 3 and phase 4 deployment.

At Immuni T, we not only respect our projects timelines, but also care about the integrity of data as our main goal is helping patients by improving their quality of life.

Luc Villeneuve, PhD
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer 
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