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Immune Profiling Assay-Cytometry Analysis

A greater understanding of the component and function of the human immune system at the cell level in healthy individuals or in patients is critical for discerning aberrant cellular behavior that occurs in settings such as natural infection, vaccinations, autoimmunity, immunosenescence, and cancer. Our assay includes flow cytometry profiling of cell surface and intracellular markers to assess innate and adptive immune cells including T cells subsets (Th0, Th1, Th2, Th17 and Tregs), B cells and NK cells, CD14 cells and DCs cells. Our experience also includes quantitative multiplex measurements of secreted cytokines in primary cell cultures by ELISA or Luminex™ to assess the capacity of human immune responses elicited by mitogens that mimic natural infection using immune profiling approaches. Moreover, this analysis will measure the diversity of human immune responses under a variety of conditions coupled with detailed immune cells phenotyping (quantitative) and functional capacity (qualitative) in healthy human subjects or patients.

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Immune Profiling Assay-Cytokine Analysis

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