Nanomedecine Assays

Assessing how nanomedecines (NMs) interact with the immune system is a crucial issue in determining nanoparticles (NPs) safety versus hazard for humans. NMs can provoke morphological changes, proliferation alterations, toxicity, functional phenotype switching, and epigenetic reprogramming of immune cells.

NPs may thus elicit inflammation with engagement of neutrophils, macrophages and other immune effector cells including basophils, eosinophils, T cells and dendritic cells.

Immuni T provides assays to evaluate the functional impact of nanomedecines using appropriate cell lines or primary cells using flow cytometry, ligand binding platforms and multiplex intra- and extra-cellular analysis:


- Ex vivo proliferation assays (primary immune cells)


- Complement activation assays


- Regulatory T cell functional assay


- Immune checkpoint modulation


- Cytokine release assay (CRA)