Main Responsibilities
The role of a Scientist at Immuni T is to develop, validate and implement novel approaches for cell-based and non-cell
based assays in Immunology using flow cytometry, ELISpot. ELISA, MSD or LUMINEX platforms. He/she, has
responsibility to serve as a scientific and technical resource to the study directors and the bench analysts. The Scientist will
work to establish and maintain, with the team, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) under Good Laboratory Practices
(GLP). She/He is expected to understand and have hands-on expertise in standardization, development, validation and
samples analysis for discovery, development, pre-clinical and clinical studies. Other responsibilities include but are not
limited to:
1. Set up and execute cell-based and in-vitro assays to assess the potential efficacy and safety of lead product
2. Carry out cell culture of primary immune cells or cell lines for the purpose of conducting cellular phenotyping and
functional assays;
3. Lead technology transfer of assays to or from client sites and support cross-site standardization of analytical
4. Support efforts to establish and maintain policies and procedures related to lab operations and biosafety.
5. Maintain electronic laboratory notebooks for proper documentation of all research activities in compliance with the
relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), policies, and applicable regulations;
6. Ensure all projects assigned to him/her are performed on a timely basis, in a compliant manner and delivered with
maximum impact, within specified budgets;
7. Deliver reports, summaries, and presentations supporting experimental results;
8. Demonstrate continuous integrity, credibility, positivity and motivational behaviour;
9. Develop new assays using various platforms including ELISA, ELISpot, Luminex, MSD and Flow cytometry;
10. Communicate with team members, upper managements and clients proactively;
11. Design, execute and document troubleshooting activities;
12. Interpret data in a scientific and professional manner and present it internally to the team, and externally to the
1. Ph.D. in immunology or equivalent experience in immunology using cell biology and molecular biology as tools;
2. A minimum 5 years experience in a biotech/pharma or CRO companies with experience developing, qualifying and
validating assays for therapeutic programs;
3. Knowledge and understanding of GLP, GCLP regulations and other relevant regulatory guidelines;
4. Hands-on experience in designing multicolor flow cytometry panels (up to few dozen color panels), cell culture,
cell purification and enrichment schemes (magnetic beads enrichment for example), qPCR, ELISA, ELISpot ,
multiplexed Luminex assays for multiplexed in vitro cytotoxicity techniques;
5. Knowledge of non-flow cell-based assays to monitor innate and adaptative molecular and cellular response
6. Able to keep confidentiality of projects and possess high level of integrity;
7. Excellent time management and good organizational skills and the ability to work effectively in a high paced, fast
changing environment, on multiple projects through their ability to manage multiple and varied tasks with
enthusiasm and prioritize workload with attention to detail;
8. Able to manage multiple and varied tasks with enthusiasm and prioritize workload with attention to detail.
9. Strong troubleshooting skills;
10. Able to work independently and in a team;
11. Must be willing to perform duties or supervise activities in Bio Safety Level 2 (BSL-2) facilities;
12. Communicates clearly and confidently and has excellent interpersonal and teaching skills;
13. Excellent written and oral communications skills (English and French)

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